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Grilled Paprika Chicken With Jalapeño Salsa & Roasted Root Veggies Meal Prep!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Lets start this off with admitting that meal prepping is a pain in the ass. Its time consuming, it takes forever and no one likes it. Regardless, it needs to be done and we need to eat good so we might as well make the most of it and this is the meal to make that happen. The amount I made would last most people about a week. This lasted me 4 days so, I'll just give you the recipe for what I made and you can adjust as needed. You can cut everything in half to lower the amount. This takes a total of about 3 hours but it's going to save you so much time during the week! You can always reach out with any questions!

Things you'll need :

-12 Chicken Legs

-2 Tablespoons Smoked paprika

-2 Teaspoons Ground Coriander

-2 Limes, Zested

-2 Teaspoons Sea Salt

-2 Teaspoons Freshly Cracked Pepper

Jalapeño Salsa

-4 Medium Jalepenos

-4 Garlic Cloves Peeled or 3 TBS Minced Garlic

-6 Sprig Fresh Cilantro (Optional)

-2 Green Onions

-1 Tablespoon Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice

-2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Syrup

-1/2 Cup Distilled White Vinegar

Root Veggies

-3 Long White Turnips

-1 Red Onion

-1 Bunch Of Radishes

-3 Sweet Potatoes

-5 Carrots

Preparing the Chicken!

In a large bowl combine the chicken, olive oil, smoked paprika, coriander, lime zest, sea, salt and pepper and mix all that good stuff up really good. Cover that bad boy and let it sit for a minimum of 1 hour covered. If you can, let it sit over night!

-When the chicken is done marinating set the barbeque, Traeger or oven to 350 degrees and pre heat for 15 minutes.

-We are going to prepare the veggies while the oven pre heats!

Preparing Veggies!

While the oven is preheating cut up the veggies however you like, don't cut them into to big of pieces or too small though because then they wont cook evenly!

-Once you have them cut up, place them on baking pans with tin foil.

-From here we are going to apply the olive oil, black pepper, minced garlic, thyme and cinnamon sticks to the veggies. You can add salt here if you'd like but since we have a lot of salt in the chicken I didn't add extra salt.

This Next Part is Optional based off of how you're cooking the chicken!

To save time you can cook the veggies with the chicken in the oven if you're cooking the chicken in the oven. You'll just need to make sure you're checking on them. I usually let them cook for 20 Minutes at 400 degrees when they are by themselves but if we are cooking them with chicken at the 350 degrees I'll let them go a little longer and check on them until they are done. If you're cooking the chicken on a barbeque or Traeger you can cook the veggies separately in the oven by themselves at 400 degrees. Whichever one you choose, now is the time to put the veggies in the oven and set that timer!

Cooking the Chicken!

-Oven-The oven should be set to 350 degrees now so we can put the chicken in and cook it for 40 min-1 hour or until the internal temperature is 165 Degrees

-Barbeque/Traeger- The barbeque or Traeger should be set to 350 Degrees so we are going to put the chicken in and cook that for 40-45 minutes or until the internal temperature is 165 degrees

Making the Salsa!

While our chicken and veggies are cooking we are going to prepare the salsa!

Oven- If you're cooking the chicken in the oven we are going to heat up the jalapenos in a pan for 10-20 Minutes on low.

Barbeque/Traeger- If you're cooking the chicken in the barbeque or Traeger we are going to place the peppers directly on the grill for 20-30 minutes until they are charred all over.

After we have heated up the jalapeños we are going to remove the stems and combine them with the garlic cloves, cilantro (if you used it), green onions, lime juice, sugar free syrup, and white vinegar.

Combine all of those ingredients into a blender and blend it up until smooth!

Final Product!

Once the chicken and veggies are done cooking, you can drizzle some of the honey over the veggies and apply the salsa to the chicken. Another thing I like to do is prep some rice on the side for extra carbs in addition to this if I have a heavy week of lifting. I typically use this as my lunch or dinner once I have it all put away in the meal prep containers!

Don't forget to put everything away in meal prep containers so when the week gets crazy you can just grab your premade meal for on the go!

Let me know your thoughts! Any questions or comments? You can reach out to my email or my Instagram @Blinn_Fitness

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