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Move Good, Feel Good, Look Good

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As seen on Elite FTS

People generally start working out because they want to look better or feel better about the body they are in. They want to jump right into ass-kicking workouts and shed that unwanted fat immediately. This is great and I encourage it! There is one catch, most individuals don't move properly and they don't respect the basic movement patterns.

Moving improperly over years will result in pains that will lower the quality and enjoyment of your life. No one wants this. In addition to lowering the quality of life, you'll slow down your potential progress. Progress will be slower because when we move improperly, we are not getting full activation of the muscles we are trying to develop. We are relying on our joints and secondary muscles to make up for the lack of force being output by the main muscle we are working. Less activation from the main muscle we are trying to use means we are going to burnfewers calories. As we all know fat loss occurs from burning more calories than we are consuming, so this is a red flag. With the excess stress on the secondary muscles and joints, we are putting those tissues at risk to be injured and putting our joints at risk to be worn downunnecessarily n.

This is exactly why I want to write on the importance of the 6 foundational movement patterns everyone should be able to perform. This is what is going to guide you to safe and effective workouts. This all ties into the move good, feel good and look good portion of this blog. Let's get one thing straight. Looking good, being strong, and having low body fat is a by-products of moving well and having a good diet. Don't focus so much on looking a certain way that you forget to focus on your movement technique. That will just limit potential progress. If you're moving right and eating clean the results will follow!

Let's get into it! Here are the 6 foundational movements everyone should be able to effectively perform!


-Hip Hinge

-Lunge (Single Leg)

-Upper Body Push

-Upper Body Pull (Horizontal & Vertical)

-Loaded Carry