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Progressive Overload! What is it?

Brandon Blinn, owner and personal trainer of Blinn Fitness in Woodinville, WA, discusses the concept of progressive overload, which is the process of gradually increasing the specific stress on the body over time in order to continue making progress in fitness and avoid plateaus. He explains that the body adapts to the stresses put on it, and if the same stress is applied repeatedly, the body will not continue to adapt and improve. Examples are listed of how to use progressive overload with intensity and volume, and also mentions that it can be used with circuit training. Brandon emphasizes the importance of using progressive overload and not staying the same with workouts week to week.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to S.A.I.D. and Progressive Overload

  2. Using Progressive Overload with Intensity

  3. Using Progressive Overload with Volume

  4. Using Progressive Overload with Circuit Training

  5. Long-Term Benefits of Progressive Overload