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Thinking of Starting a Gym or Personal Training Business?

Table of Contents

  1. Why I founded Blinn Fitness

  2. The Problems with Commercial Gyms

  3. My Vision for Blinn Fitness

  4. Starting from Scratch

  5. The Importance of Being a Great Trainer and Business Owner

When I first founded Blinn Fitness in 2014, I was driven by a desire to create a gym that was truly different from the commercial fitness centers that I saw all around me. As a personal trainer with a bachelors degree in exercise science and a former Emerald Cup physique competitor in 2017, I understood the importance of proper exercise and dieting in achieving one's fitness goals. But as someone who had been in the industry for a while, I also saw firsthand how commercial gyms often took advantage of their members with high prices, lack of personalized service, and a lack of passion and knowledge among the staff.

I knew I could do better. My goal