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Tired Of Living In Pain?

By Brandon Blinn

Table of Contents:

  1. The effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the body

  2. The importance of movement and balance in the body

  3. A case study: Filmore and his neck pain

  4. How to improve posture and reduce pain


As we go about our lives and age, some may think that we lose the function of our body because we are aging. We don't lose function because we age, we lose function because we stop moving. How many people do you know right now who are over 25 and move pain-free regularly outside of their job? Think about it, most people wake up late, rush to work, and then sit for 8+ hours in the same position. After they get off work, they sit in their car for the drive home before watching TV some more at home and going to bed. There is little to no movement in a schedule like that. For convenience purposes of things, people don't eat the best when they are on a regimen like that. This results in a lifestyle with little to no food with minimal activity. This is a recipe to be in pain!

Why am I saying all of this? To help someone out there get out of pain! Everything I just described above is going to do a few things, cause inflammation in the body, metabolism will slow down to match the level of your activity (this will cause you to store more weight as well), and your muscles will get stiff from lack of use leadi