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Mindset! Overcome obstacles and get results!

Updated: Jan 3


Mindset! There's the answer, now you can stop reading or keep going because I'm going to dive a little deeper than that.

Those who say they can and those who say they can't are both right! I've trained hundreds of people over the last 12 years. I've had people lose 20, 50, and 100+ pounds while working with me! Do you know what they all had in common? Their mindset! Sure this may just sound like some gimmick bullshit, but what it comes down to is this. Is being in shape and getting better a priority to you, or are you just in the gym because you think you should be because it's "good for you"? Are you just going through the motions or are you trying to change the way you live?

The mind is a very powerful thing. I have had clients that wonder why they can't get progress when they don't listen to me. Then when I call them out on not following either the diet, workouts, or the small things in between. They give me the runaround about their stressful life, schedule, etc. Honestly, I'm human too, so I try to reason with them and be understanding of circumstances and avoid asking them to do things I wouldn't do myself because that is what we call a hypocrite. Let's dig a little bit deeper than that though, shall we?

The most common things I hear are lack of time, lack of will to cook, their schedule didn't allow it and they were too tired. There are 24 hours in a day. For simplicity's purpose, let's say they sleep 8 and work 8 in a day. That gives us 8 hours to work with the left in a day. Let's be even more generous and slap on an hour and a half for driving to and from places randomly as needed. Now we are left with 6.5 hours a day we have extra to use. Let's even take an hour for eating! Now we are at 5.5 extra hours a day! Throughout the week based on those generous numbers. We are left with 38.5 hours a week to ourselves. This is more than enough time to cook, workout and still have time to relax to yourself and do whatever you want.