I have been the owner of Blinn Fitness since it was founded 2014. I was inspired to start my own business because I was tired of seeing commercial gyms take advantage of people with their pricing and lack of service, passion and knowledge to members who didn't know better. I previously worked in the commercial gym industry for years prior to starting up my business. My goal is to transform lives through proper exercise technique and precise dieting while creating a strong  base on the squat bench and deadlift along with various other free weight exercises.

Besides training others I myself have a fitness journey of my own. I previously competed in the Emerald Cup physique show and I now regularly compete in power-lifting meets. I played football at the collegiate level at Chadron State College in Nebraska where I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science and I am now the head strength and conditioning coach at Cascade High School in Everett. I have a strong passion for health and fitness and hope to share this passion with people around me.

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Danielle is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a passionate fitness advocate who takes a balanced and highly personalized approach to coaching. She has been involved with fitness for the majority of her life; Growing up, her life revolved around sports which culminated in an athletic scholarship to play collegiate basketball at a D1 University. It was in college that her love for weightlifting began, and she has spent the last 8 years learning how to use weightlifting to achieve a variety of fitness related goals.


Her balanced approach to a fit lifestyle includes coaching both exercise and nutrition guidance, as well as mindset tips and tricks to get her clients to where they want to be. She does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. By working within the individual interests and the unique objectives of her clients, she is able to craft a program that is enjoyable, rewarding, and in-line with the clients’ end goals. Whether you are just getting started with working out, or have been working out on your own but looking for more guidance, she is excited to work with you on your fitness journey!


Meet Elijah Jordan. He is a Certified trainer under NASM with a martial arts background. He trained in multiple Martial arts for 15+ years. Found love in training his own body and wanted to help others get in tune with theirs. After a year of being a trainer at a commercial gym, Elijah realized he was too passionate about fitness and wanted to take the next step in his career. Leading to him joining Blinn fitness. 


Elijah is a bodyweight specialist (calisthenics) that offers nutrition guidance. He aims to create an ideal physique while altering specific habits for his clientele. His workouts are based on the individual, while building a strong mind to body connection. Mobility, Stability and Core are the 3 most important factors in his training methods. Elijah is ready to make positive changes when you are! 


Ricky has been a AAAI/ISMA certified trainer for 5 years. He was first exposed to this industry when his dad started his own gym and began training him at 15 years old. He didn’t care much for it at the time because it was hard work but now he can’t get enough of it. He really loves showing new people how rewarding it can be to get some tough exercise every week. Ricky believes it’s the foundation to living a fulfilling life and maximizing our potential. 


He enjoys helping people lose weight, gain muscle, and increase flexibility. 

Ricky works with all age groups and all levels of fitness. He lifts weights, stretches, and he's learning kickboxing and is always looking to share his knowledge with others. He wants to build up his clients’ understanding of their bodies and how to listen to the subtle messages that help us train, eat, and sleep in rhythm with our individual needs.


Alena Janssen is a strength-focused personal trainer from Orcas Island, WA. She lettered in 4 sports through high-school, and is now an elite powerlifter holding two Washington State records. She has experience with a wide variety of clients ranging from rehabilitation and injury specific training to the strategic development of college athletes. She is an encouraging and motivated trainer who has been certified through the American Council on Exercise since 2017. Alena loves to help others and proactively stay up to date on all aspects of the fitness industry. 


Her focus on training revolves around compound movements. Specifically, the squat, bench, and deadlift. Alena loves to push clients to reach their full strength potential while boosting their confidence in and out of the gym. She is eager to make a difference at Blinn Fitness!



6:00AM - 9:00PM


11419 19th AVE SE A-105
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