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Hi,I'm Dakotah


What’s up friends!! Thanks for checking out my website; My name is Dakotah Tyrene. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 7 years and an esthetician specializing in acneic skin types for the past 5. 

My career started at a medical spa where I learned clinical acne treatments, deep chemical peels, extensive training in cosmetic ingredients, lash extensions, chemical peels, etc etc. After 6 years working for other people, I finally opened my own business in October of 2018 in downtown Kirkland. I also teach esthetic courses with Skin Therapeutic and offer private classes with other services.


Besides my passion for all things esthetics & all things beauty; I also love to read whatever I can get my hands on & have a huge passion for sharing & spreading knowledge. This is where Instagram comes into play; which is where I am able to speak to an audience who shares similar interests to mine, interact with & educate all of my amazing clients & supporters.

If you are interested in my services, I highly recommend a ‘new client facial’ - which is an extended treatment to allow time for skin analysis, product recommendations, and allows me to switch the treatment to whatever is best suited for your skin’s unique needs. 

Booking in advance is a MUST; please check my booking site for availability. You can also add yourself to daily waitlists and be contacted once someone cancels. 

Dakotah Tyrene, Esthetician at Blinn Fitness
Esthetician Client Success One at Blinn Fitness
Esthetician Client Success Two at Blinn Fitness
Esthetician Client Success Three at Blinn Fitness
Esthetician Client Success Four at Blinn Fitness
Jordyn, Specialist at Blinn Fitness

Meet Jordyn!

Corrective Skincare Specialist, Sugarist, brow artist


Jordyn started in the industry as a makeup artist + skincare content creator, Jordyn embarked on her esthetics career after experiencing and solving her hormonal acne in a holistic, whole body approach. Her passion surrounds education surrounding the physiology of the skin, how it relates as a whole to our bodies + solving skin concerns using a science meets holistic approach. 


Jordyn is an avid rollerskater, mental health advocate + as a licensed educator with a teaching background, her goal is to have clients build great ‘skin tuition’ so you may make the best decisions long-term for your skin!

Tessa, Esthetician at Blinn Fitness

Meet Tessa

Howdy! My name is Tessa Tudor and I’m so excited to be a part of your Skin Care Team! My obsession with skin care began when I was a teenager, as my bathroom piled up with half empty potions and lotions each promising to clear my angry breakouts better than the last, but nothing ever helped. So I went to Dakotah and found the magic of an esthetician!


After earning my Bachelors degree in Business & Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington and spending five years in the corporate sector, I learned that that world was not meant for me; so I packed up my desk and took a leap of faith aspiring to help others feel more confident in their skin! 


As a skincare professional I’ve specialized in treating acneic skin and skin of color. My favorite modalities include Chemical Peels and Microneedling but every treatment I do is completely customized to you and your specific needs! 

I’m forever learning and am currently fascinated by the skin-brain connection and how your skin health has a powerful impact on your emotional and mental wellbeing. There’s so much more to learn about the skin and all the things it can do, so I will be attending graduate school to become a Nurse Practitioner, focusing on Dermatology, next Fall!

Set of Equipment at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness
Second set of Equipment at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness
View of Room at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness
View of Work at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness
View of Room Two at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness
View of Work Two at Esthetician Studio at Blinn Fitness




Medical Director: Felicia Forrest

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