Beginner 12 Week Program

Brandon Blinn’s Beginner 12 Week Program is designed for anyone with less than 1 year of experience with a barbell or none at all. It is for someone looking to begin in the gym but has no clue what to do or where to start!


It will guide you through the 12 weeks, helping you feel comfortable in the gym and assisting you in knowing exactly what to do when you get there.


This 40 page PDF program focuses on increasing muscle size/strength, developing mechanics of the Big Three (squat, bench & deadlift), and learning to work with heavier weights! Included is:


  • Beginner 12 Week Program PDF 
  • An Excel version of the program for digital recording of your progress
  • Instructions to access a Google Sheets version
  • Workouts for 4 days each week (1 Squat, 1 Bench, 1 Deadlift, and 1 GPP/Pull)
  • Video links for every exercise with either verbal or written tips

This program is not available as a hardcopy, but you can always print it out yourself, especially the pages where you record your progress!

Beginner 12 Week Program